Did you know that Lincoln Park Manor offers extensive rehabilitation services?

In fact, therapy services make up over 63% of their skilled nursing area. “It’s always been a focus for our business and the community really needs to think of us, not just as a nursing home, but as a medically
diverse establishment,” explained Dr. Heckman, Medical Director.

We’ve come a long way from the “old school” ways that most nursing homes used to operate on. There were more acute, long term care patients years ago than what there are today. People stay in their homes longer and are living longer.

Over the past ten years or so, Lincoln Park Manor has transitioned into more therapy driven services that meet the needs of today’s seniors, as well as specialty therapies like our Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) program.

Typical stays are driven by elective surgeries for hip and knee replacements and most patients are discharged after less than a three week stay. Many who are planning these procedures, and I’ll share they
are getting younger and younger with most in their 50’s, contact us before they have their surgery to get pre-registered and let us know what services they prefer during their stay. “We cater to your needs as much as possible when you stay with us for any type of condition,” said Ann Wittoesch, Admissions Director. For instance if you prefer to sleep in or have your shower at a certain time, we will try to schedule therapy later in the day.If you would like a newspaper everyday and room service for your meals, all of those preferences are documented in advance. Pre-planning allows us to get your insurance information and approvals,doctor and family contact information and have a room waiting for you.

We have rooms available and can admit patients anytime day or night. Emergency room visits and discharges from the hospital are acted on promptly, however when possible, it makes it a little smoother if you can plan in advance.

Our goal is to get you home as quickly as possible so that you can return to your daily life. These short REHAB stays are the reason many turn to us for their care.

Have a surgery coming up?
Please contact Ann to schedule a tour!
CALL 937-297-4300 Questions? Email her at Ann.Wittoesch@mvg.com

Rehab Services: Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy.For a more complete list of our therapy services visit our website LincolnPark-Manor.com

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